Monday, February 13, 2017

Newsmax: Sessions Confirmation Not Stopped by Posturing Warren

Sessions Confirmation Not Stopped by Posturing Warren

Image: Sessions Confirmation Not Stopped by Posturing Warren
Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) on February 9, 2017, in Washington, D.C. (Alex Wong/Getty Images)
By Chuck MorseMonday, 13 Feb 2017 04:09 PMMore Posts by Chuck Morse
Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts can always be counted upon to assassinate the character of anyone who does not genuflect to the left. Now she has tried sleight of hand to impugn the character of Attorney General Jeff Sessions by quoting others who have claimed that he has something against African-American men and women.
But who exactly is this fraud?
Elizabeth Warren is a classic example of what Sigmund Freud called projection. She is often guilty of the charges that she so vehemently lodges at others.
For example, Warren criticized, in the most smug and self-righteous tones and with a voice quivering in faux rage, Donald Trump of profiting from the downturn in property values, yet she made her first fortune flipping properties in Oklahoma City in the 1970’s. Back then she made a neat bundle for herself and her family by engaging in such practices as turning a woman and her baby out of the house while her husband was serving in Iraq.
Warren loves to literally scream about the “millionaires and billionaires” while living in a $5.4 million-dollar mansion and raking in $429,981 in salary and compensation from Harvard for teaching one class. Her husband apparently got a similar sweetheart deal. Yet she drones on and on about the high cost of college as she calls for free tuition.
Warren rarely misses an opportunity to play the women card yet because of her corporate greed, taking a fat check as a lawyer from Dow Chemical, women were prevented from bringing a class-action suit due to their poisoning from breast implants manufactured by Dow. She was hired by Travelers Insurance to stop union members from collecting on claims due to asbestos poisoning.
Perhaps most appalling of all, Warren had the nerve to accuse Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos of false statements while Warren refuses to authorize the release of her application for tenure at Harvard. After receiving tenure Warren was referred to in a scholarly journal published by Fordham University as Harvard Law School’s first woman of color. Evidence suggests that Warren claimed to be a Native American in applications to Harvard University and the University of Pennsylvania but not elsewhere, which defrauded the system. Yet we are supposed to believe that Warren is a champion of minorities and of Affirmative Action?
Apparently Warren is slipping in the polls in Massachusetts. Perhaps the people of Massachusetts have finally had enough of this phony and like the U.S. Senate, they are ready to tell her to sit down.
Chuck Morse is an author and radio talk show host. Chuck received the 2003 Communicator of the Year award from the National Right to Work Committee and was named a "Heavy 100" Radio Talk Host by Talkers Magazine. Chuck ran for Congress in Massachusetts against Barney Frank. For more of his reports — Click Here Now.

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