Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The Russian Double Game

The Russian Double Game
Chuck Morse

If the Russians played a role in our election, and FBI Director James Comey is in the process of conducting an investigation, then they were playing the same double game as they did back in the old Soviet days. Back then they drew inspiration from the Communist Manifesto which calls for the secret infiltration of targeted governments and societies by operatives who would use methods of subversion to bring about the desired changes. Marx called upon socialist agents to disguise themselves and adapt to conditions of the targeted society, to bore from within to use communist jargon.

The dialectical approach involves control over both sides of the argument, the creation of false conflict, and the stripping away of ideas that would stand in the way of the communist goal which was a worldwide collectivist system. In this manner, communist operatives might be disguised as a cleric, a religious leader, even a conservative who would subtly change the
direction of the targeted group. Congressional testamony indicates that these methods were used in the 20th Century by the Soviets to infiltrate American unions, corporations, academia, cultural institutions, and the government itself.

This method may have been employed to influence the Trump campaign although it is doubtful that the Russians, in the remote possibility that they infiltrated the Trump campaign, wanted Trump to win the election. Their candidate was more likely Hillary Clinton who they had already effectively compromised. According to the New York Times Cash flowed to Clinton Foundation Amid Russian Uranium Deal, dated April 23, 2015, Hillary Clinton, as Secretary of State, signed off on a uranium deal that allowed a Russian company to purchase American uranium and assume control over one fifth of American uranium production. The deal, which was partially hidden from the Obama Administration, was followed by millions in donations to the Clinton Foundation and a half a million dollar “honorarium” for former President Bill Clinton to speak in Moscow.

Russian Television, RT, is a major Russian propaganda arm that has a growing influence within American leftist circles. American leftist media commentators including Thom Hartmann, Ed Schults and Mike Papantonio as well as more mainstream commentators such as Larry King and Peter Lavelle are all on their network and payroll. In classic Soviet style, the left-wingers on RT are leaders in the vanguard movement against President Donald Trump. Indeed this represents the dialectic in its purest form as they accuse President Trump of collusion with Russia from their own Russian platform.

In Soviet times, the international communist conspiracy, coordinated from the Kremlin, was

only one finger in the hand. Other pieces of the appendage included establishment and even conservative and religious groups that had been infiltrated and compromised. It now appears that a similar hand might be at play against President Trump as this establishment, which did not expect him to win, very well might be trying to harry his effort to return governing responsibilities back to the people. Indeed, if common ground and aims can be at all detected and are at play, reason and observation would indicate that such collusion on the part of the Russian oligarchs is likely.

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