Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Witches to curse Donald Trump?

Within hours of Donald Trump’s election, the Satanic Temple in Salem, Mass. experienced an unprecedented spike in membership according to co-founder Lucien Greaves. Satanists played a visible role in the anti-Trump rallies the day after the inauguration. The Huffington Post reports that witches nationwide are now planning a coordinated series of curses on Donald Trump. Is Satanism going mainstream?

The cultural ground seems fertile for such a phenomenon as large numbers of liberals appear to be trapped into a seemingly permanent paroxysm of hate since the election. Their rage against Trump and what he represents, a return to Judeo-Christian values, a re-assertion of national sovereignty, the advancement of right and wrong with his advocacy of the progressive principle of America first, could be described as at least philosophically satanic. These nihilistic sentiments are internalized by many otherwise rational people. Anti-Judeo-Christian values, anti-Capitalism, longtime staples of the radical left, are seeping into and corrupting the minds and souls of the average unwitting and unconscious liberal and the results look ugly on them.

I have observed this phenomenon in my own recent dealings with liberals. I have noticed changes in them since the election, an election which seems to be drawing out the worst tendencies in many liberals I know. Those tendencies were no doubt always there but they were under wraps in the Obama years perhaps because of their unconscious understanding that their guy was then in charge.

I’ve noticed liberal friends embracing identity politics and an identity outlook on life. Now, suddenly, as if a light went off in their brains, they are talking about some person in the news doing or saying something because they are white or a man. As they embrace the preposterous agitprop that Donald Trump has something against black men and women, or something against any other collective designation, they now think they know something about another person’s inner life or motives. They subtly embrace Marxist conspiracy theories about “exploitation” and “appropriation.” They feel emboldened to describe the president and others associated with hum in hateful and increasingly vulgar terms as their social gatherings take on the ambiance of a Nazi rally.

The main principle of Satanism is the nihilistic anarchistic idea that everything in the universe should be turned on its head as the means to discover truths. Out of chaos comes order.  The Satanic Mass worships Lucifer instead of Christ and its rituals and symbolism are literally reversed. That which is good becomes evil and vice versa. At the core of this belief lies the principle that objective morality, a moral code given by God that is, as such, beyond the reach of human manipulation, does not exist. Satanism holds that reason, belief in God, and respect for institutions that foster freedom and virtue such as faith, family, property, and sovereignty are forms of prejudice or what Karl Marx referred to as forms of false consciousness.

Of course, the average Trump hater is more often unwitting to these influences. They will often vehemently deny a rejection of God, family, property etc. They should ask themselves, exactly, why they are filled with such a hatred for Donald Trump. By asking such a question, perhaps they might start to wake up.    

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