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Newsmax Column: Left Hopes Undermining of Israel Spreads to US, Christianity

Left Hopes Undermining of Israel Spreads to US, Christianity

Image: Left Hopes Undermining of Israel Spreads to US, Christianity
A sign is carried during a 2014 protest in support of Palestine after a Northeastern University student organization, Students for Justice in Palestine was "temporarily suspended for multiple violations of university policy over an extended period of time," according to a university statement in Boston. (Stephan Savoia/AP)
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On the eve of Passover, while Jewish students were away for the holiday, the Tufts University student senate secretly passed a resolution, presented by Students for Justice in Palestine, asking the university to divest from several Israeli companies. The university administration, to its credit, rejected the measure after an international outcry from Jewish groups and periodicals and after a direct appeal from the director of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), Tufts graduate Jonathan Greenblatt.
What exactly is the sales pitch that anti-Israel groups such as Students for Justice in Palestine use to convert left-wing American students to their cause?
The sales pitch is the same two-pronged appeal that the enemies of Israel make to the international left in general and that is an attack on Israel as a capitalist state and as a Jewish state. More broadly, the attack against Israel is a vanguard attack against capitalism and religion. The left views capitalism, private ownership of production and property, and religion, belief in a God that creates laws that transcend human manipulation, as the main obstacles standing in the way of their materialistic understanding of what constitutes societal progress.
Karl Marx called for the annihilation of Judaism in his infamous pamphlet "On the Jewish Question." Written in 1843, and published in 1844, the screed would be later re-published under the title "A World Without Jews. " It became cannon for the left, until World War II made such blatant anti-Semitism unfashionable.
Marx wrote that Judaism was responsible for introducing such forms of "false consciousnes" as "self-interest huckstering and money" and that these false or invented ideas were devised as part of a sinister grand conspiracy on the part of the bourgeoisie to "exploit" workers. Marx used these terms as code words for private property and free trade.
If Judaism were "made impossible" to use Marx's term, then Marx reasoned that these forms of false consciousness would "wither away" along with the family, sovereignty, and individual identity itself. This would lead, according to Marxist understanding, to the final stage of societal progress in which all of humanity would become de-facto equal; all material would become automatically collectivized.
Marx called this final stage of progress communism and he viewed religion as the "opiate of the masses," as a part of the conspiracy of the bourgeois class to exploit the masses with false hypnotic ideas.
Thus, the left seeks to destroy Israel for the same reasons that Marx sought to destroy Judaism. Indeed, the left seeks to undermine Israel for the same reasons they seek to undermine America and Christianity. Since outright war is too risky — at least at this time — and since the forces of freedom are too strong, they seek to enact their agenda gradually through subterfuge and subversion. They take a long view and are willing to wait centuries to enact their unnatural agenda.
Israel’s Arab and Islamic enemies fear a democratic Israel, one that respects property rights and the rights of the individual. Such a society threatens their authoritarian oligarchies.
They are afraid that their own people might look at how genuinely progressive Israel is and respond by waking up and demanding control over their own lives and societies.
These enemies have much in common with the international left, their natural allies. They know how to manipulate leftists particularly young college students who attend such privileged institutions as Tufts University. Generally, people who come from hard backgrounds, those young people who work or who are of faith, are less susceptible to the leftist siren song.
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