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Left's Derangement Over Trump Far Exceeds Bias of Bush, Reagan Eras

Image: Left's Derangement Over Trump Far Exceeds Bias of Bush, Reagan Eras
U.S. President Donald Trump greets White House visitors after he landed on the South Lawn June 16, 2017, in Washington, D.C. (Alex Wong/Getty Images)
By Chuck MorseMonday, 19 Jun 2017 12:06 PMCurrent | Bio | Archive
The left-wing jackals will hound President Trump every day that he is in office. The new normal, the drumbeat of manufactured crisis, the criminalizing of his every utterance and tweet, outpaces in its viciousness and derangement their opposition to previous Republican presidents including George W. Bush, Ronald Reagan, and even the last years of Richard Nixon.
With the left-wing conspiracy that Trump colluded with Russia during the election running out of steam, they are now changing the subject and pulling new rabbits out of the hat. It has been almost a year since they started to investigate the alleged Russia-Trump connection. After Trump fired FBI Director James Comey, the former director, a disgruntled former employee, leaked private conversations he had with the president to the lap-dog media and this led to dark innuendos that Trump had obstructed justice. This doesn’t stop the media parrots from repeating the words “obstruction of justice” several dozen times a day.
Comey, a political hack and clearly part of the Trump hating brigade, admitted that he hoped that his leak, which he sent out right after being fired, would lead to the appointment of a special prosecutor. This occurred even though Comey admitted that there was no criminal investigation of Trump. Now, Robert Mueller, the Special Prosecutor, is larding his office with partisan Democratic hacks and big donors in what President Trump has accurately called a “witch hunt.”
While the left dreams of Watergate, President Trump forges forward by doing the business of the American people as he deconstructs the administrative state. His policies on illegal immigration, despite the obstructionism of autocratic liberal judges, has had the effect of slowing down the arrival of illegal aliens and has substantially reduced the numbers of illegals applying for welfare which is no doubt saving us untold billions. He is undoing Obama’s worst executive orders, rescinding onerous and expensive regulations and working on tax reform and repealing Obamacare which will save untold numbers of lives.
Indeed, while the left keeps up the drumbeat of hate, hiding behind expressions of concern over the scandals that they have largely manufactured out of whole cloth, the real cause of their hate is the president’s quiet and determined effectiveness. Donald Trump is proving to be truly a revolutionary figure who is transforming the country by returning governing power to the people. His revolution will continue to grow, which is why the left, the entrenched establishment, the deep state, the internationalists, are moving against him with such ferocity.
I have not been a praying man but since Donald Trump’s election I findmyself praying for him, praying for his health, his welfare, and that of his family. He is up against the most hateful and frankly the most fascist assault experienced by any president since Lincoln. His enemies are attacking his children, assassinating him daily in Shakespeare plays, telling assassination jokes, holding up images of his bloodied beheaded head, and now a leftist gunman has mowed down Trump supporters while they played baseball.
We must join the president in meeting this un-American enemy in the proverbial field of battle. This is a war and there is no room for weakness. In that regard, President Trump should not have accepted the resignation of General Michael Flynn, he should have prevented Attorney General Jeff Sessions from recusing himself, and he should fire Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller whose appointment was based on phony charges.
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