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Newsmax Column: Progressives Have Long History of Foreign Collusion

Progressives Have Long History of Foreign Collusion

Image: Progressives Have Long History of Foreign Collusion
By Chuck MorseMonday, 17 Jul 2017 01:54 PMCurrent | Bio | Archive
Progressive commentators Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews, Stephanie Miller, and their cacophonous coterie of smart sounding experts and political hacks toss around words like "collusion" "treason" "un-American" to describe a meeting that Donald Trump Jr. held with "the Russians" to gather opposition research, a minor scandal for sure, but they forget history.
They claim the moral high-ground and they are in full Dutch with their leftist memes on display, the cackles and the smirks, the overdose of smug. They want us to forget their decades of sycophantic support for the corrupt antics of Bill and Hillary Clinton and their greed, their suppression of investigations, their dubious interaction with foreign powers, their grasping for power.
They want us to forget that American officials, so-called progressives, their ideological predecessors, really did collude with "the Russians" in generations past, that those officials really were un-American traitors. The same types of progressives who now incessantly and mercilessly attack President Trump attacked and vilified those who sought to expose what was real collusion and treason back then.
I refer to the many prominent American officials holding high office in the Franklin D. Roosevelt Administration who were secretly colluding with Stalin. Indeed, most of those same officials were, in the de-facto sense, colluding with Adolf Hitler during the first two years of World War II, during the 1939-1941 Hitler-Stalin Pact.
That would include such prominent progressives as FDR’s under-Secretary of State Alger Hiss, under-Secretary of the Treasury Harry Dexter White, economic advisor Laughlin Curry, chief aide and diplomat Harry Hopkins and a lengthy list of agents and abettors of Stalin who had wormed their way into the government.
Back then, the progressives were not gloating about the congressional committees that were investigating and hearing testimony about real collusion such as the House un-American Activities Committee. They weren’t singing the praises of FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover like they now crow about James Comey. Hoover investigated real "collusion" back then and, unlike Comey, he didn’t have an axe to grind.
There are profound differences between those progressives back then who put the interests of Communist Russia and, for a time, Nazi Germany, over that of their own country and the Russian hacking of the election today. Back then the progressives embraced the ideology of the enemy over the American way of life. They engaged in actions that benefited the Soviets and hurt America during World War II, actions that cost American lives. Stalin, and for that matter Hitler, were obviously much further to the left than is Vladimir Putin today. Of course, this real conspiracy is explained away by progressive historians who give these traitors a pass by labeling them as "idealistic."
Back then we had brave leaders such as Senator John F. Kennedy, Senator Joseph R. McCarthy, Senator Hubert Humphrey and Senator Lyndon B. Johnson who called out the colluders and who supported full investigations. They found themselves under attack by the same clique that is now, suddenly, wrapping themselves in the American flag as they try to cook up conspiracy theories against President Trump and his family. Back then they engaged in a massive campaign of deception and cover-up, now they have pulled out the microscope so they can look at every cell that might show the administration to be pro-Russian.
It’s as if there was a Russian under every bed!
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