Friday, August 4, 2017

Bannon’s tax on Liberals

Stephen K. Bannon, President Donald Trump’s chief strategist, has come up with a bold and audacious idea. Cut taxes for the middle class and working people, cut capital gains and corporate taxes on businesses, and raise taxes on the very rich, those who earn at least $5 million a year.

This would stick it to liberal hypocrites in Hollywood who insufferably moan about “fairness” and “equity.” Their accountants would no doubt respond by stashing their loot offshore. Perhaps they might choose to move to Italy like George Clooney. Senator Elizabeth Warren, who made millions from fees representing
corporations and who was paid $350,000 per year to teach one class at Harvard will finally get her wish, a tax on the “millionaires and billionaires.” So won’t Nancy Pelosi who is one of the richest members of Congress.

Maybe Barack and Michelle Obama will have to shell over a bit more dough from their estimated $30 million advance to deliver a ghost-written book. Bill and Hillary Clinton, not to mention daughter Chelsea, would probably not feel the pinch since their estimated hundreds of millions are neatly sheltered away in the “non-profit” Clinton Foundation. Perhaps poor Bill and Hill have taken a hit as of late, since
Hillary lost, and now that Goldman Sachs and Vladimir Putin are no longer banging down their door with checks for a half a million to deliver some insipid twenty
minute speech.

Yes, the top 1 percent, as Occupy Wall Street used to call them, are predominantly
liberals. For proof, check the annual list of top 100 richest Americans and how much they earn which is published annually by Forbes Magazine. The top five names on the 2016 list include liberals Bill Gates, $81 Billion, Jeff Bezos, $67
Billion, Warren Buffet, $65.5 Billion, Mark Zuckerberg, $55.5 Billion and Larry Ellison at $49.3 Billion. Currency grifter George Soros comes in at a cool $24.9 Billion. The only names on the list that are discernably non-liberal are the socially liberal and libertarian Koch Brothers who are worth $42 Billion each.

Steve Bannon has proposed what amounts to a great transfer of wealth from
pampered leftist snowflakes to real working Americans. Money that might
otherwise be sucked into some anti-American cause would finally go to real
working American families. The liberal fat-cats would be hoisted on their own
petards. We are, after all, really going to need the help now that we are stuck with the excretable liberal Obamacare that hits us with premiums and deductibles in the thousands, a lot of money for working people who think they are insured, as our hard-earned money goes to, you guessed it, the liberal insurance companies and health-care establishment with their lobbyists, their mandates and their special

I’d like to see these liberals trot out their class consciousness nonsense if President Trump listens to Bannon and proposes the tax breaks that he promised us, tax breaks for us and not tax breaks for them.

President Trump, do the right thing. And yes, Elizabeth Warren, we did build that.   

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