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Nazi Agent Provocateurs?

Nazi Agent Provocateurs?

Chuck Morse

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 Nazi Agent Provocateurs?

There was something about the Nazis and the white the supremacists at Charlottesville that was just too convenient. There was something about how the legacy media amplified the presence of these motley fringe groups, making them famous in advance, that was just too suspicious. The use of agent provocateurs, or provocative agents, is an age-old classic left-wing tactic. I present this thesis not as a conspiracy theory but simply as an opinion and as an observation of what
appears to me to be obvious. As a Jew who had family members murdered in the Holocaust, and as the author of books on the Holocaust including Was Hitler a Leftist, I have dedicated many hours studying this topic.

The late author and journalist Dr. Samuel L. Blumenfeld wrote an article that in my opinion 
documents how the American Nazi Party, established in 1960, was a communist front and how their founder, George Lincoln Rockwell was a communist agent provocateur. This becomes
obvious to any casual observation of Nazi ideology. Rockwell, who was friendly with Malcolm X and Elijah Muhammad of the Nation of Islam, a black supremacist group, was a Lieutenant Commander in the Navy who had attended Brown University and who ran a publication for the military. He was a slick and sophisticated operator who was a master at public relations. Where did he get the money to stage these slick rallies that, while sparsely attended, got a lion’s share of media attention?

The liberal media was more than anxious to oblige his small band of misfits by launching them into the national spotlight where they were hoisted up as specimens representing the
conservative movement that was emerging at the time. Even if Rockwell was not an agent
provocateur, he and the communists found a common enemy in the conservative movement that they both sought to subvert and undermine.

David Duke was a protégé of George Lincoln Rockwell, as he spouts the same racist 
anti-Christian anti-Capitalist propaganda. His ideas, and those of his ilk, strangely resonate with the left-wing racial identity movement that is becoming so prevalent on American college
campuses today. Like Rockwell, in my opinion, he is a bit too slick to be believed.

Now, as if out of nowhere, these obscure nutjobs are getting national publicity. I wonder why. The legacy media fans the flames by helping them stage a violent conflict in Charlottesville against the other side of the scissor, the communist Antifa. Once again, these nobodies, these pagan new-age racists, are being held up by the legacy media as conservatives. Nothing could be further from the truth.

But their promotion of this fringe fits the narrative against President Trump and his “base” and these wackos are more than happy to play along. Donald Trump and his “base” are the exact
opposite of the Nazis as they embrace reducing the authoritarian nanny state and promoting
individual freedom. Nazism is, after all National Socialism which is slightly to the right of Communism or International Socialism. Both are un-American and both are to the left of most American liberals.

Let’s hope that responsible investigative journalists consider the background of these phonies. It has already been revealed that one of the main instigators at Charlottesville, Jason Kessler, was a former Obama supporter and Democratic activist who suddenly converted to white supremacy after the election of Donald Trump. Hmmmm….I contend that it is not going too far out on a limb to suggest that there are other phony agitators of his ilk that are out there.  
includes the following themes: 

* The leftist nature of Nazism. 
* The anti-Semitism of the Left and its influence on the development of Nazism. 
* Apostate Jews and the Bolshevik Revolution. 
* The Nazi-Soviet alliance 
* Nazi-Soviet agents and the Holocaust.
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