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Newsmax: Trump's Downfall the Only Motive of Those Claiming Russia Ties

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Trump's Downfall the Only Motive of Those Claiming Russia Ties

Image: Trump's Downfall the Only Motive of Those Claiming Russia Ties
Special Counsel Robert J. Mueller (AP) 
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A conspiracy occurs when two or more people come together in secret to plot a plan of action that is either illegal or subversive. There are good conspiracies, as was the case with the original Boston Tea Party and the plot to kill Hitler; there are false conspiracies such as any which are racist or anti-Semitic.
Logic dictates that it is impossible for an entire people to keep a secret. There are paranoid conspiracy theories such as those historically held by the Bolsheviks and the Nazis and those held by radical Islamists of today. They employed false conspiracy theories to gin up hatred while they themselves conspired to subvert the social order by means of force and fraud.
Yet conspiracies happen all the time. Criminal conspiracies that result in a murder or a major theft are the stuff of our nightly cop shows, popular novels and movies. We read and we watch as the conspiracy unravels and as the perpetrators are exposed and brought to justice. The main purpose of a responsible free press is to investigate and uncover both criminal and political conspiracies and to separate the wheat from the chaff.
As of now, the Trump-Russia connection remains an unproven conspiracy theory.
Unless reasonable evidence is presented that proves that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia to hack the DNC emails and then tried to cover this up, which is the central tenet of the alleged conspiracy, then the whole enterprise remains nothing more than an unproven theory.
After over a year of investigations by two congressional committees, the FBI, and Special Counsel Robert Mueller, proof remains elusive. At this point, unless reasonable evidence proves otherwise, it is not unreasonable to suggest that if any conspiracy has taken place, then the locus is probably with those who have made the conspiracy claim itself.
Indeed, at this point there is evidence suggesting that the Trump-Russia claims are part of a conspiracy to at best distract if not destabilize the Trump presidency. In this regard, it should be acknowledged that President Trump has at times acted as his own worst enemy as he has reacted impulsively to the possible traps set for him. His reactions are honorable, assuming there is no Trump-Russia conspiracy, as in that case he is protecting his reputation against lies.
Several questions call out for a widening of the investigation to get beyond the theories and at the truth. These include the question of why the Hillary Clinton campaign isn’t also being investigated for collusion with Russia given the extensive Russia contacts and business interactions between Russia and Clinton campaign manager John Podesta.
Why is only Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort being investigated? And what about the uranium sale to a Russian company that was authorized by Secretary Clinton which, according to The New York Times, was followed by million dollar donations to the Clinton Foundation and a quarter of a million speaking gig for former President Bill Clinton in Moscow?
Former FBI Director James B. Comey acknowledged under oath that he deliberately sought to trigger the appointment of a special counsel after his firing by turning over documents, some of which might have contained classified material, to a friend who went to the New York Times.
Special counsel Robert Muller, who has hired political appointments and democratic party donors, has been described as a close friend and mentor to James B. Comey. Why are the investigations only focusing on the Trump campaign as the source of collusion and not on former DNC Chairman Debbie Wasserman Schultz with her connection to the Awad brothers, who were IT experts, one of whom fled the country for Pakistan in advance of a 4 count indictment. And what about the suspicious murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich?
Conspiracies require secrecy and careful planning by a few people who plot the action and then cover-up the evidence. Evidence so far, unless something tangible emerges to indicate otherwise, points in the direction of a possible conspiracy to falsely accuse President Trump of wrongdoing for political reasons.
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