Monday, October 16, 2017

Cause of Weinstein cover-up

How did lecherous film producer Harvey Weinstein get away with inflicting his perversions on young women seeking jobs in Hollywood for 20 years? Why were Hollywood actors, some now facing similar accusations, able to intervene to stop the media from exposing this grotesque accused rapist and serial sexual molester? Why did the media, particularly the New York Times, look the other way when confronted with evidence of the grossest sort of sexism and misogamy?

Hollywood icons, such as the insufferably self-righteous Meryl Streep, act like Sargent Schultz in the 1960’s sit-com Hogan’s Heroes: I know nothing! I see nothing! I hear Nooo-Thing!! Will this scandal at least wipe that smug expression off her uninteresting face? Why didn’t Hollywood actresses such as Ashley Judd, who clearly knew what was going on, have the courage to at least drop a dime on this disgusting predator and save other members of the sisterhood from abuse? Perhaps she was too busy attending anti-Trump women’s rights rallies

The overt answer to this question is money and politics. Harvey Weinstein and his ilk are part of the predominantly liberal top 1% richest Americans. They can make or break people in their professions which, in and of itself, likely drove their sick behavior. They were big donors to liberal candidates and causes. The Clinton's, Barack Obama, Elizabeth Warren, liberal organizations and phony liberal foundations, they all got millions of dollars in the aggregate. They had financial reasons for keeping quiet which doesn’t for one minute excuse their corruption.

But more fundamentally, the reason why Weinstein and his cabal could routinely commit crimes against women is because they are the leaders of the liberal sexual revolution. They are not expected to behave morally, nor do we expect them to have any semblance of a moral compass, because they advocate and they celebrate moral relativism. Indeed, they are the avatars of moral degradation as evidenced by how their movies and TV shows, which profoundly influence the culture, push the sexual envelope. They use their media vehicles as propaganda to normalize and thus condone the same pervasions that they engage in. Through their media vehicles, they convey the message that we are just like them.

Yet they will use these same accusations against their enemies which is anyone who doesn’t dance to their leftist tune. Thus Alec Baldwin and Meryl Streep can attack Donald Trump for talking about, in a private conversation with Access Hollywood host Billy Bush that was recorded, his ability as a celebrity he could grab a women’s pussy while Baldwin grabs Streep’s pussy onscreen in the movie It’s Complicated.

The same goes for their campaign against “gun violence” while their movies depict increasing numbers of gun kills. They seek to disarm law abiding American gun owners while they increase their own security details. They yammer on about “gun control” while ignoring the growing death toll in the inner city of Chicago caused by illegal guns. Apparently, for them, those lives don’t matter.

If a conservative commits a moral indiscretion, one that runs against his belief system, he faces a high likelihood of character assassination and career destruction. If a conservative lives a moral life and advocates for morality he is more than likely ignored as they cannot find anything incriminating to use against him. The conservative activist can expect his every utterance to be analyzed under a microscope in a search for evidence of sexism. Unlike Weinstein and his cabal of women haters, the conservative must be judged by moral standards that are only trotted out as a weapon to stop his advocacy of moral standards.

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