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NEWSMAX: Russia Has Long Co-Opted Left to Sow Political Division in America

Russia Has Long Co-Opted Left to Sow Political Division in America

Image: Russia Has Long Co-Opted Left to Sow Political Division in America
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According to military intelligence, as reported by CNN, Russian government affiliated troll farms bought ads for Black Lives Matter on Facebook during the Ferguson and Baltimore race riots. Clearly Russia has been employing the same dialectic in America as it did back in Soviet times proving once again that the leopard hasn’t changed its spots.
Russia is clearly trying to exploit America’s Achilles heel by fanning the flames of race conflict and division and, in the process, attempting to weaken American society and self-image. While the extent of the Russian agit-prop is not yet known, the shared interests of Russia and the American left has been exposed and is as plain as day. This does not therefore mean that the American left, and the Democratic Party they control, were in conscious collusion with Russia.
If collusion with Russia occurred it is not likely that it was as pervasive or as deadly as was the collusion between Soviet Russia and members of the Roosevelt Administration back in the 1930’s and 1940’s. Back then, Soviet agents literally lived in the White House down the hall from a disabled president who they informally held hostage. Roosevelt was a patriot and a Christian who had no idea that his White House roommates, Soviet agents Harry Hopkins and Laughlin Curry, were reporting to Stalin. He was either unaware or he was unwilling to consider the dangers of having his under Secretary of State Alger Hiss and his under Secretary of the Treasury Harry Dexter White crafting policies that favored Soviet Russia over the United States. His attitude was implacable insouciance as he presided over an administration that was shot through with subversives.
The information about Harry Hopkins and Laughlin Curry, among others including Frank Coe, has been confirmed by numerous sources including congressional testimony, the declassification of the Venona Projectdecrypts in the 1990’s, the opening of Soviet Files in the 1980’s and the book "American Betrayal" by journalist Diana West.
The situation today is more analogous to the description offered by Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein in his autobiography "Loyalties: A Son’s Memoir." The red diaper baby Bernstein wrote of asking his communist uncle whether he received his marching orders from the Kremlin. The uncle responded that he didn’t need such orders since all communists think alike.
As the old saying goes, birds of a feather flock together. While the left hardly needs Russia to buy ads from Facebook for them to magnify racial conflict to advance their agenda, there are certainly many tell-tale signs that they have at least coordinated their efforts with their traditional ally. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, according to the New York Times article "Cash flowed to Clinton Foundation Amid Russian Uranium Deal," dated April 23, 2015, allowed Russia to purchase one fifth of America’s uranium supply. That deal was followed by millions in donations to the Clinton Foundation and a half a million dollar “honorarium” for former President Bill Clinton to speak in Moscow.
Several self-described progressive media figures are paid by Russian government run Russian Television. While there is no hard evidence that the mainstream liberal press and cultural institutions have directly colluded with Russia, perhaps the poison was introduced into the body politic in generations past and that they are the inevitable if unconscious spawn.
We can only hope that the several congressional investigations into Russian interference into the election actually gets to the bottom of a scandal that can be traced back to well over a half a century of collusion. Let’s hope they get beyond a partisan witch hunt and instead expose the real rot that has infested elements of our government and public life for some time.
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